CSA Technology

When some of our most experienced attorneys first began practicing law, the computer age had not yet reached the law offices or courts.  In those days legal technology was limited to typewriters, mimeograph machines and old black limited line telephones.

technology-2Legal technology has come a long way.  Today, modern technology permeates the practice of law from e-mail, instant messaging, computer-based legal research, smartphones, video conferencing, e-filing, databases, wireless communications, copy machines, scanners, facsimiles, voice messaging and the like.

Technology allows the more efficient practice of law.  With 24/7 remote access to our offices and our files, we can practice from near and far.  We are able to access our e-mail, case files and documents wherever we are … the courtroom, the deposition room, the investigation scene.  Technology enables us to provide more service at less cost.

technology photo

It is one of Cotten Schmidt & Abbott, L.L.P.’s pledges to our clients: apply leading edge technology to obtain desired results.  We do so at our cost, not yours.