Commercial Litigation

Clients who face commercial disputes depend on Cotten Schmidt & Abbott, L.L.P. to help them avoid or, when necessary, navigate the pitfalls of litigation. Disagreements often arise even over well-drafted documents. Whether the disagreement is between businesses and their clients, between partners, between employers and their employees or among shareholders, the lawyers at Cotten Schmidt & Abbott, L.L.P. have meaningful experience to deal effectively with those issues.

Cotten Schmidt & Abbott, L.L.P. is committed to finding the course that best suits the business interests of the client, making every effort possible to resolve the controversy quickly and economically. But when a reasonable resolution of the dispute cannot be reached, Cotten Schmidt & Abbott, L.L.P.’s experienced trial lawyers stand ready to zealously represent the interests of our clients. That capability makes the efforts to reach amicable resolutions all the more effective.

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