Our Culture

When we, the lawyers in New Orleans and Fort Worth, began discussing the potential of joining forces and creating Cotten Schmidt & Abbott, L.L.P. at the end of 2009, it was the similarity in the two offices’ culture that remained the backbone and foundation for why the creation simply made sense.  Dating back to the late 1980’s, attorneys from both offices had worked together representing a mutual client.  It was not just the successful results that drew the two offices together, but rather the approach and manner in which the results were obtained, that led to an intimate, long-lasting, close-working relationship and respect for one another.

The approach as to our clients is unorthodox, yet quite simple:

We engage in dynamic partnering with each client to reach innovative solutions.  We pride ourselves in “thinking outside the box.”  We take every case or matter personally. 

We offer:

  • Real Cost Savings:  Our legal services throughout the country serve our clients at a notably lower cost than the typical medium to large-sized law firms.  As our clients tighten belts to accommodate an ever-tougher market economy, they have no tolerance for bloated legal costs.  Specifically, we use technology, proactive, diverse, leveraged staffing, and alternative billing arrangements to achieve the greatest cost efficiencies possible.
  • Common Sense: The focus and goal for our clients begins with evaluation of and counseling on preventative measures and, if possible, litigation avoidance, and extend, as necessary, to efficient and economic handling of claims and lawsuits, through mediation, trial and appeal.  Our common sense approach to legal matters and litigation, plus our business and trial experience, mean we stand ready to handle whatever conflict, crisis, or issue might arise.

Because we focus on developing a keen understanding of our clients’ businesses, we are able to tailor a specific, individual case-handling strategy to include new ideas, technology, and creative approaches to billing and fee structures in keeping with each individual client’s needs.  We make what works for our clients work for us.

We respond directly, effectively and as efficiently as possible to the needs of our clients, combining exceptional, professional, and high-tech resources with a culture of personal, responsive service sometimes hard to obtain with a large firm.

Early case assessment and early case resolution are key strategies we use for managing our client’s legal needs and legal budgets.  When necessary, however, we are ready for the long haul – ready and experienced at stepping into the courtroom as trial lawyers, not litigators, or the arbitration arena to handle our clients’ matters to the very end, through trial and appeal.

When it comes to the internal structure of the firm, respect, trust and diversity in every aspect of the practice is key.  We do not have “practice sections” within the firm, but rather create teams for each specific, individual case and client. We do not have a hierarchy among the partners, which is common in most firms.  We are deeply committed to diversity and flexibility of work-life arrangements.

At the end of the day, we approach the practice of law and the management of our law firm, not by mandate, but by the application of common sense.